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Why is it so difficult to be consistently profitable?

Itrade daily in order to make a living. I’ve been doing it for more than ten years and I must say, it beats having a regular day job.

But I wasn’t always successful…

I blew up a few accounts when I started. I was still working a full-time job and figured trading was something I could never do. Then I spent a few years getting out of debt, learning about financial independence, and becoming more frugal. 

I realized I don’t need to try and strike it rich trading like many ‘furus’ promise is possible. I just need to make enough money on average each month to make a good living and keep me from ever having to work for someone else again.

Bottom line?

More freedom. More time. Less stress.

Here’s the truth:

  • You don’t need to trade all day, every day to make money consistently.
  • I created the Alpha Membership to finally (after 10 years) start helping other traders generate extra income.
  • You only need 1-2 good setups to make an extra $300-500 a day on average (which I always say “keeps the job away!”