About DIYtrades

Hey, it’s Jason (the founder of DIYtrades).

I’m a trader, entrepreneur, website builder, course creator, book reader, and mentor.

So glad you’ve stopped by to read this page.

This is the TL: DR version

  • I spent six years in the active Army, including two years between Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • I’ve worked for companies such as CitiCards, AT&T, Fidelity Investments, and SS&C. Everything from technical support to a licensed trader to senior management.
  • I alternate between tea and coffee as part of my morning ritual. (Recently started drinking Kombucha).
  • I get to the gym at least 4x per week, or brisk run in the neighborhood, and maintain a healthy (mostly vegan) diet.
  • I practice Intermittent Fasting (IF) daily.
  • I live in sunny Florida.

Becoming a Profitable Trader

My old trade setup circa 2019-2020..will get a new photo soon.

I started trading in 2010, and I have spent the past thirteen years fine-tuning my ability to be a consistently profitable trader.

DIYtrades is a place where my goal is to share what I know to help others trade for a living.

A little bit more…

I am a self-taught full-time trader.

Ask yourself these two questions:

  • Why do you want to become a Trader? (or trade part-time)
  • Are you willing to put in the time to develop the MINDSET and learn the SKILLS to become successful?

If you realize the earning potential, also realize that most traders don’t reach their fullest potential.

I was once one of those traders who, despite common sense, thought it was easy to make money in the stock market

It’s actually not easy to do.

Even if some people on Twitter, or in chat rooms make it look and sound like it is.

I realized quickly that the education available to me was expensive, and really not geared to me winning.

It was more geared to the seller behind the offer, and them getting the sale.

I had some wins, but I had bigger losses.

Because I had no plan of my own and no discipline of my own?

Trading is not a path for everyone.

Because it takes guts.

It can be scary as hell.

To put your money on the line. But being able to accept all that and push through is a good sign. A sign you should embrace, not seek to avoid.

It’s the best way forward if your desire is to be INDEPENDENT and stand out in our ever-crowded world of losing traders.

Once I figured out my own plan, my own discipline, and my own simple strategies that I could repeat time and time again, I realized I could teach others in a more meaningful and impactful way; even if that impact is small (tiny, even).

I’m okay with small.

Small trade wins, over and over again, amount to larger profits in the long run, year in and year out.

A small group of dedicated traders willing to learn, put in the time, be purpose-driven, and be here for the long term, is all I need to have that impact.

This is what truly gets me excited. Helping people who value putting in the time and energy, develop realistic goals and expectations, in order to grow their knowledge and skills to be successful at day trading.

I value intentional practice (the act of doing) over theory (just consuming more information).

“If more information were the answer, we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.” Derek Sivers

My brand DIYtrades was born as a result and  I’ve been at this day trading thing for the past 13 years (since 2010).

I wake up every day, excited about the possibilities of helping others build, level up, and optimize their trading accounts, trading discipline, trading plans, and lives.

My work is my passion.

That’s what I choose; it’s purposefully how I’ve rigged this business.

You may be here simply out of curiosity (hey!).

Or you may be here out of need (great; maybe we’ve got something that’s perfect for you).

Or get in touch with me directly, and let’s get a discussion going about helping you solve what needs solving.