Becoming a successful trader is hard.

It’s even harder when you’re trying to learn but keep making mistakes and everyone is promising you’ll get exactly what you need if you join their room of traders who are actually just having the same struggles without real guidance.


  • Join a large chat room full of traders!
  • Just watch hours of course videos
  • Learn by watching mods “make money!”
  • Ask the room when you need help
  • Keep trading and you’ll “figure it out”


  • The room is crowded, hard to understand, and doesn’t help
  • The content isn’t real trading and adds more confusion
  • The Mods flash their “profits”, and you’re still losing on trades
  • No one understands your individual needs or goals
  • You’re afraid to trade because you might keep losing money

You’ve experienced the pain; you’ve had the headaches; and now you know the truth – you’ve been sold a bunch of lies.

Fight back with the ALPHA Membership 🥊

The solution to your trading frustrations is Alpha – the only exclusive trading membership designed to individually help you become a successful trader.

ALPHA will help you:

  • Build a disciplined and focused approach to trading ⚡️
  • Create a better eye for profitable trades 👀
  • Conquer consistent performance ↔️
  • Simplify your trading strategy and plan 🧹
  • Manage your psychology and mindset 🥷
  • Become confident in your trading 😎

How do you join the best trading membership with lifetime access and no ridiculous monthly or annual renewal fees?

↓ Find out how ↓

One simple membership with everything you need…

Growing your knowledge is the basic building block of a long-term career in trading.

But if you look around, you’ll find literally hundreds if not thousands of courses, books, and traders on social media promoting their “master plan.” There are already so many videos on trade setups, analysis, and feedback on everything from stocks and options to cryptocurrencies.

You might be wondering where to begin, and what, if any, will even be useful, while trying to make sense of who to trust. It’s enough to keep you stuck in a trading development nightmare 😱

An Alpha membership solves the problem by providing you with education on trading stocks with multiple setups, strategies, and real trade examples to help you develop your skills as a trader.

Additionally, you’re given unlimited access to courses in the areas of trade execution, analysis, risk management, and the mental side of it all, without the burden of a high-dollar investment.

With ALPHA Courses, access to new content is automatic!

I am constantly creating and adding to the Alpha education resources, pulling from years of knowledge and experience.

The Alpha Courses will transform you from a beginner to a more confident purpose-driven trader. One who understands multiple setups and develops the risk management and framework needed to become consistent and successful in the long term.

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Are courses the only answer?🤔

Discord Channel List
Nope. Even though I include over 6+ hours of video instruction on trading strategies, setups, risk management methods, and the mental and emotional side of trading, you still need to face the realities of trading with real money each day.

It’s not easy to execute and stay consistent without ongoing support and feedback.

Besides, every trader is unique. You need to focus on the setup(s) you are most comfortable with and then develop your ability to find the right stocks and determine when to enter & exit each trade.

Education isn’t enough. With Alpha, you’ll always have a place to go for talking about your trading:

  • DIYtrades Discord – Many new traders say this is the most valuable part of their experience!

On top of delivering real trading education, with new content added that you never pay extra for, the Discord server is a private community of like-minded traders who share and discuss their experiences while developing their trading business.

You can interact, and post questions and ideas while adding and receiving value from traders that have the same goals all in a private forum, away from the social media toxicity and the chat room distractions.

  • Unlimited access to existing content and updates and any future courses that are added.

Sounds good, right? But everybody says they have the greatest “community” and “education” … until you actually hit the buy button 😂

So what makes Alpha different?

The difference is that you’ll receive value and education first at a fraction of the cost versus anywhere else and you’ll get answers from me on any questions you have.

You’re not left in the dark like most chat rooms that prefer to charge you an expensive recurring subscription on top of leaving you to figure things out on your own.

No—you get the wisdom and experience of someone who has been trading for 13 years and whose focus is on your success.

Good luck finding that level of service anywhere else 😤

See how you can make progress with ALPHA 👀

Going through multiple course videos using dozens of examples, charts and actual trades is great, but access to trade alerts and watching trade recaps with detailed explanations is even better!

With ALPHA Alerts, you’ll have access to real-time trades

  • My exact trade plan on any given symbol
  • Trade size, entry & exit price levels (share size and cost basis updates)
  • What levels are key before and during the trade
  • Stop levels and when I’ve stopped out, sized out of my position, or closed the position for a gain or loss
  • Alerts are generally one trade at a time for maximum focus
  • Both long and short trades
  • Only day trades
  • No options just listed stocks (no hard-to-borrow stocks)

Trade Recaps & Analysis

Learning in detail how to get in and out of trades efficiently (and ideally profitably) is extremely helpful to your progression as a trader.

You’ll get complete access to trade recaps where you can watch & review the trade play out as it happened and receive guided explanations for each decision I took (the how and why) on managing the trade. I include both winning and losing trades.

For example, watch the following trade recap video of a trade taken on market open, and you’ll see:

  • How trying to find the bottom for a reversal might not work
  • Why sizing down, or going completely flat can save you $$$
  • How following price action and reacting quickly is key, and
  • A setup taught in Alpha Courses1

1 Alpha Courses are always included with your Alpha membership

…that gives you way more context and allows you to build confidence in managing the trades you take.

Trade Recaps with Alpha Alerts add tremendous value to your growth.

Alpha Alerts allows you to follow along, if you prefer, on the exact trades I take. It will take the guesswork out of finding the right stocks to trade and how to manage a trade.

Over time you’ll use the confidence and consistency you will develop to make more of your own trading decisions.

A mentor to help guide you 👨‍🏫

Perhaps on top of having access to plenty of education, a forum of like-minded traders, trade alerts, and recaps, you’re still looking for some additional guidance.

With Alpha Mentor, I take things to another level

Using the same lessons and principles I have applied to my own trading approach over the past 13 years, you’ll have a personal mentor to help you build the trading career you want.

I’ve established my approach to trading over the years and I remain disciplined and consistent. I am fully aware of how new traders think and can help identify what it’s going to take to help you stop losing money, breaking even, or giving back your gains.

I’ve been through it all. I can help you identify why what you’re doing isn’t working. I will give you the cold hard truth about the mistakes you are making and help you get out of your own way.

If you are just starting out on your trading journey, I will help you avoid costly mistakes that beginners run into. You’ll gain from my experience and wisdom and be in a much better position to succeed.

I am not in the business of unrealistic expectations, self-sabotage, gambler-mentality, or “trading is a hobby,” type of mindset.

I treat trading as a business and recommend that you take your trading career seriously and act professionally.

How can you join the Alpha Membership?

Easy! Join Alpha here ↓

This is a lifetime membership for ONE payment of $470. You’ll have access to courses, daily discussions and interactions, real-time trade alerts in a Discord channel, trade recap videos, mentoring, and guidance to help you succeed as a trader.

All you’ve got to do is join Alpha and start developing your trading career!

(one-time payment)

This is a long-term game plan and my goal is to help you build skills that will last you a lifetime of success in the markets and even give you the chance to turn trading into a full-time career if that is your goal.

Common Questions About Alpha🙋

What style of trading do you teach/provide alerts for?

I’ve been trading individual stocks for 13 years. That’s where my skill and edge lie, trading stocks both long and short. That’s what the courses, forums, alerts, and mentoring are all set up to teach and discuss. No options, no crypto, no currencies, or commodities. I’ve stuck to what I know and I have no plans to change things up.

How are the courses delivered?

Courses are mostly video and there may be a few that are a combination of video or text. When you join the Alpha membership you will get access to the DIYtrades Discord server. As I create new education that I believe will add value you will get access to it and never be asked to buy any new content separately.

How much is the Alpha Membership and what do I get access to?

The Alpha Membership includes Courses, Alerts, and Mentor.

It’s a lifetime all-access subscription for $470. There are no other payments, renewal fees, monthly costs… EVER!

You get complete access to current trading education courses and anything I add in the future, the DIYtrades forums, a real-time trade alert meeting room, trade recap videos, and access to mentoring & guidance to help you be successful.

What are the Alpha Alerts like?

I provide my trade plan, entries & exits, stops, and the key levels I’ve identified for a trade. I only alert one trade at a time and usually 1 – 2 trades per session (a session can be the first 60-90 minutes of the trading day or all day depending on market conditions and opportunities). Sometimes there are no trades, sometimes there are more than 1-2 trades, it depends on the market conditions, setups, and other factors. I do not force trades and I do not turn day trades into swing trades.

I also include my entry sizes because I focus on alerting trades that can be accomplished with up to $120k-$150k in buying power (or an account at/above the PDT $25k-$30k). This provides a more realistic approach to a new trader getting started to learn from the alerts.

If I go more than that, I’ll provide a percentage allocation to help you adjust your own sizing.

I trade smaller sizes despite what I could trade because that is how I’ve been doing it for years. I do not like to take losses so I have to minimize risk and therefore take smaller gains and I am ok with that.

You’ll get more details in the Discord channel on how the Alpha Alerts work.

What if I just want access to trade alerts?

Not a problem. Just reach out to me directly for a link to join the server. A membership to the alerts is a one-time fee, you’ll never be charged a monthly subscription. This is an unbeatable value. Just check out the Stats for every alert posted.

Do you provide a Trade Recap video every day?

No – I don’t record every trade but periodically if there are valuable lessons to be learned on a particular setup, I will record that trade create a recap video, and add it to the library.

What makes Alpha Courses more valuable than other trading education?

For starters, you’re paying a fraction of what others charge and you’re getting access to me every day. Also, I actually have been trading for the past 13 years. The content I create is based on my actual trading experience, not theory. If I create a trade recap video, it’s the actual trade, not just charts, and hindsight about what could have been.

Also, I don’t nickel-and-dime or charge extra for education. I plan to add more content several times throughout the year. You’d be charged thousands for similar trading education elsewhere, but not at DIYtrades. Anything I create will be added and included in your membership.

A sample from one of the DIYtrades courses you’ll get access to when you sign up for Alpha Courses.

✅ Join ALPHA now and save money, time, and discouragement later!

What is Alpha Mentor?

Alpha Mentor is all about using the Beta framework in developing your mindset and approach to trading. I inject mentoring and the BETA principles daily into the DIYtrades forums and during the live trading sessions.

I am available via chat every day and by email to discuss recent trades or general thoughts and questions you have about trading. If you need 1-on-1 guidance I’ll make myself available for a 30-minute session to help answer questions or review trades, on top of the shorter quick check-ins available every day in chat.

When you join, inside your account dashboard, you’ll have access to a calendar to schedule dedicated time to review trades, discuss setbacks & challenges, or anything else related to your trading, if you prefer.

Do you recommend any specific platforms or brokers?

Personally, I use Lightspeed for my day trading. I trade using a direct access platform, Lightspeed Trader, from my laptop computer with 4 screens. I highly recommend if you are focused on the Alpha Alerts that you’re in front of a computer for the first 90 minutes of the session, and not using a phone or a platform where you have to go through multiple screens to enter an order.

Another broker/platform that is a good choice is Centerpoint Securities and/or a broker that gives you access to the DAS Trader platform.

Is it really just 1 payment for lifetime access?

Yes, 100%! Also, I am always creating new ideas about the simplest and most efficient way to help new traders develop their trading and become consistently profitable, so I will put out new courses and content at least 2-3 times per year. I don’t nickel-and-dime you for every course.

My personal trading performance and alerts track records show value in what I can offer you and your trading. Alpha Mentor takes up my personal time and is based on 13 years of experience that you can’t really put a price on.

You’re getting the wisdom I’ve gained that’s frankly worth far more. But you don’t have to worry about getting upsells, or monthly or annual subscription renewals ever.

Do you offer refunds?

When you sign up for an Alpha membership, you get instant access to resources that will help you become a better trader. Given this, I do not offer refunds.  I want you to stick around for the long run, and with one payment, you will have access to everything forever.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about joining Alpha feel free to contact me.

Did you notice? 🧐

The Alpha Membership is designed to help you to succeed as a trader: Trading Courses, Discussion Forums, Alerts, Mentorship, and more without any social media ego trips or distractions!

Also, you should learn from someone who actually trades for a living and has years of experience. Only YOU can decide if it’s worth investing in your trading career!

Join ALPHA now →