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Beta is everything most traders don’t have access to when they start trading. It’s transformed into a framework for mentorship with years of wisdom from the thousands of trades I have placed in my career.

Beta is the key to unlocking your potential, and Alpha, our membership product, gives you access to mentoring with Beta.

Beta is for traders:

  • Who believe that trading is less about how much money you make and more about how effective you are at executing a plan and following rules…
  • Who believe that developing a mindset of discipline for trading starts with reshaping expectations…
  • Who believe that with every trade there is a probability of being right or wrong, and being wrong is just as ok as being right
  • Who don’t care about the performance of others, but only the correct execution of their own plan…
  • Who believe that trading is a long-term journey towards discovering contentment with achieving enough.

This all centers around a principles-based approach to establishing a mindset of accepting your own plan and rules, and diligently following them.

Being a part of this community of traders goes beyond how to trade and what to trade; it’s about trading in a way that creates an automatic and consistent performance (your enough); one that achieves your objective.

What I offer will help define you as a trader and help you create a consistently profitable performance.

TIP: Have a realistic view of your trading objective, and align every part of your plan and rules (and maintain that approach daily).

If this resonates with you, I created a 4-step roadmap to get you started on the path to a different approach to trading.

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Follow my free 4-step roadmap to gain the insights you will need to:

  • Develop consistency
  • Make trading into a career
  • Succeed for the long term

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