About BETA, a unique approach to trading mentorship

Beta is a mentoring system designed for new traders. It’s a completely different approach to trading that I developed for myself and now include in the Alpha Membership for a small group of traders.

Each trader is unique and requires specific guidance and feedback.

Note: I do not offer mentoring separately at this time, but you’ll be happy to know that Beta is included in the Alpha Membership.

In the following sections, I’ll explain what Beta is all about, and how it all comes together for the ultimate development of any trader dedicated to learning how to trade for long-term consistency.

The Basics:

Beta covers the mindset and rule framework of the intraday trader (in a unique and different way).

By mindset, I mean everything that goes into your purpose and reason for trading and aligning that with your intent to abide by a trading plan and rule framework.

(In most cases, that “rule framework” involves deciding how much time is spent trading, how much capital is used, a method for entering/exiting a trade; and so on.)

Example (at a high level):

  1. Your reasons and purpose for trading have to do with gaining control of your time, by spending as little time as possible earning a return in the form of profitable trades.
  2. You identify and allocate sufficient trading capital and reset this balance periodically.
  3. You trade with a trading plan that is evergreen (you don’t need to modify it, because that is your edge.)
  4. A trade is placed with a size relative to the anticipated range for the given stock and partial to max size.
  5. Entering and exiting a trade is relative to the applicable components; stock price, volume, liquidity, and catalyst.

There is more to Beta than this high level, of course. The nuances are where all the impact is; it is the stuff between the lines. Once you know the basics, breakthroughs come in the nuances.

Beta is mentorship and guidance for the few, not the many.

You won’t be stuck wondering what to do, where to start, and how to get your questions answered, because I am with you on your trading journey every step of the way.

What will you get out of it?

What you get out of our discussions goes beyond anything you could gain from just watching videos online or sitting in a chat room asking questions, simply because the focus is on YOU.

YOUR goals, YOUR trading strengths and weaknesses, and I tailor every bit of feedback to what you need to be successful.

I’ve been trading for more than 13 years and I have seen several different market cycles and have already taken my punches and “paid my tuition” and I am giving you everything I’ve learned, the mistakes I made so you can avoid them, the decisions I made and didn’t make so you can accelerate your knowledge and wisdom.

You’ll get honest feedback and criticism from me as well as encouragement and confidence-building discussions. We’ll go over your trades, as well as trades I’ve taken as part of my alerts so you get clear on the what, when, how, and why of each trade, setup, and strategy that I use and teach.

Check out the Alpha Membership to see what I have to offer to help develop you into becoming a consistent and successful trader.

You’ll become a better trader

Becoming better can be subjective. I’d like to believe that you are here now because you are not consistent and want to be.

Anything less than consistent profitability, like breaking even, or running at an overall loss with your trading, is cause for change. That change, if applied successfully, can only produce an outcome that is better than your current situation.

Therefore, you’ll be a better trader not just because you are making money consistently, but because you are doing it with more time, little to no stress and emotional energy, and the contentment that comes from focusing on the long-term path rather than the short-term profit.

Beta is not about learning how to trade. Not directly, anyway.

Rather: You’ll learn how to create a mindset that connects with your actual monetary needs from trading, and how that becomes the foundation for how you define your rules and trading process.

You’ll learn how to go from focusing on your P&L to focusing on actual trade execution and decision-making, establishing a primary core set of trading setups, with rules that help shape how you trade those setups, in a way that you can do it repeatedly and consistently.

Growing your account and sizing up on trades is not the emphasis or goal. Money in your trading account is a tool that you leverage to generate a realistic monthly income that you can live off of, and also enjoy other pursuits.

When you are able to do this well and adopt this shift, whether you are new to trading or not, and can establish this as your core philosophy, you will accept that growing your account becomes superfluous.

Resetting your account at whatever interval you establish (monthly, quarterly) allows you to funnel your trading profits to the necessary accounts for your daily expenses, savings, retirement, spending, or whatever accounts you use.

You’ll learn how to create an ‘automated’ trading framework that you can accomplish at will, all within whatever amount of time you dedicate to your trading business, from an hour of trading a day to full-time.

If this resonates with you, the method I’ve injected into the Beta framework will blow your mind. It’ll reframe trading for you. And, I have no doubt, will change the game for you.

You owe it to yourself, and the people you support, to become a better trader, and the Alpha membership will show you how.

So how many traders do I work with?

I keep access to the Alpha Membership purposely small, around 50 traders in order to ensure I can give everyone the attention they need to maximize their ability to become long-term successful traders.

It will fluctuate but there is generally always a waiting list of traders who are looking to join and get the guidance and support that they can’t get anywhere else.

You gotta join Alpha, the only exclusive trading community designed for traders who want to become consistently profitable and trade for the long term.