Trading As a Side Hustle

Trading is basically a new side hustle for a lot of young people. With the release of trading apps, cryptocurrency, and so much exposure, it is no surprise.

You have Discord and Twitch streamers and chat room moderators, as well as Reddit groups, all “pumping” the idea of trading, the stocks to trade, and selling hope to millions of people who think it is easy to make money trading.

For the past couple of years, one could argue it certainly has been a lot easier, especially since March 2020 when the stock market hit lows due to the COVID pandemic and then reversed over the next year to new all-time highs.

You could even argue that my website exists because of this, and my courses were created because of this. Well, you would be wrong. I’ve been trading since 2011, long before RobinHood and free commissions were around. Before crypto was a household name, and well before all of the youtube channels with the latest stock guru preaching trading to the masses were floating around.

So why care about anyone else’s trading? Why not just trade for yourself, and call it a day?

Yes, I agreed and for ten years I didn’t care.

But sometimes when you live in capitalism, and you have a skill and talent that other people want, well you do what makes sense, you capitalize on the opportunity.

But I am not capitalizing for the sake of capitalizing. I am staying small, nimble, and focused on trading.  I hope to sell a few courses, sure, but that’s not what it’s all about.

It’s about putting out good, solid, tested principles that will actually help people that want to learn how to trade and actually make money doing it.

Am I talking about becoming our next millionaire student? Not at all.

But can you really make an extra $1000 a month trading stocks from your home? Yes absolutely. Because I believe you can learn how to trade a few times a week, or month, and make an extra $1000.

I believe if you are committed and can grow your account over time. That you can average $1000 a week, and $1000 a day after a couple of years of trading.

Yes, it is possible.

Many people don’t want to put in the time, they want a quick buck. They want to take $2000 or $5000 and turn it into $50,000 in their first month.

Trust me, if it were that easy, this website would not exist because I would be too busy trading as many $5000 accounts into $50,000 accounts as I could every single month.

I mean c’mon. This is a business. Sure it can start off as a side hustle, but a lot of people who work full-time start something on the side until it can support them. Trading can do that for you.

I would love to show you how it can be done and I hope you stick around to learn more about how trading can be a great side hustle turned long-term career path if you are committed and disciplined enough to stick around.

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