Don’t Always Focus on the P&L

I have at times been consumed by the daily goal of taking at least some money from the markets.

Every day finishing “in the green.”

It’s obvious that each day brings an opportunity. The difference is whether that opportunity fits my style of trading, price range, type of stock, etc.

When it doesn’t I sometimes can lose sight of just stepping back and instead focus on trying to find an opportunity based on the goal of making something that day.

There have been times where I have forced a trade, only to end up in the red. Interesting how it becomes a lot easier to wish I had not traded at all, and net-zero would be welcomed during those times.

I focused on the P&L more than the trade plan. I let the thought of “losing” a day of trading affect my decision-making.

I don’t know what each day will bring, but I am confident I can trade my plan and follow my rules when the right opportunities set up.

Some will be bigger than others. It takes time to build the understanding that tomorrow is another day.

Focus on following your plan, execute accordingly and the money follows afterward.

Don’t always focus on the money, focus on the mindset, and on following a framework that becomes your edge.

Trade to trade well.

At the end of the day, month, and year the results will be there not because it’s all you thought about, but because each decision you made was executed within a framework of a plan and set of rules built for you.