Do You Know these 47 Trading Secrets? 🤫

Learn 47 “Secrets” that I have utilized over the years.  This will help you become a more successful, confident, and consistent trader when you internalize and adopt each of them every day as you manage your trading career.

Why 47? Why not 10, or 30, or 65?

Over the years I’ve kept journals and notes, and have read a lot of material on trading while learning hard lessons or tips others shared with me. I’d always make a mental note or jot something down that I felt would always prove important to my trading and that list would slowly get added to and updated over time.

I then put that list away after internalizing a lot of it and when I realized it was key to include in ALPHA, happened to pull it back up and sure enough there were just 47 points on that list. So it simply is a random number with no significance. I thought I’d just keep it at 47.

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