The Day Trading Course

Learning to trade is a challenge and a long journey. The Day Trading course will help accelerate that learning. I put this 4 hour course together as a must-have before jumping into the markets.

It will help make sense of the types of setups I trade every day and help you learn a lot about trading.

  • Multiple strategies and chart patterns
  • Real trade examples to accelerate your learning
  • Learn which software and tools will help your trading skills grow

What are you going to learn?

The power of using multiple time frames

Learn how to identify key levels

Classic set-up with plenty of examples

Long setups that are easy to learn

Learn how to attack prior runners

You’ll be taught multiple short setups

Understand how supply/demand sets up this go-to trade

Learn where to enter/exit trades

Plenty of examples of real trades to teach you the strategies

Learn how to anticipate reversals

A classic trade setup perfect for beginners

Analyze where traps are likely to exist


Becoming a consistently profitable trader requires a foundation of the right information and knowledge. There is so much information out there that is confusing and contradicting. Learn from a trader who actually trades in the market with his own capital every day.


When you get down the basics of daytrading, you will want to get down to exactly what you need to do to trade profitably in the markets. You will learn high probability trades, patterns, efficiency, and the best trading setups.


There are plenty of brokers, software, and platforms, but they don’t always mean successful trading. You need to be set up with the proper trading tools while saving money. An efficient setup of charts, monitors, and free resources will allow you to focus on trading.


To be a long-term consistently profitable trader you have to adopt an ongoing learning mindset. This course is all about being your educational resource. The lessons in this course will allow you to shorten the learning curve and the more you rewatch them and gain real trading experience, the more you will develop as a trader.


Being able to see real trades and how the knowledge you are learning is applied will take your trading to the next level. Once I show you a trading setup, I apply it to actual charts and show you real trades that I have placed so you know how you can apply it when you see the same chart patterns forming intraday.


Instead of another trading course that just gives you vague outlines of some strategy, I focused on making this course as applicable as possible. As soon as you learn the setups that I teach you, you can immediately trade them.


Face it, we share the same goal to make money, but we probably do things a little differently. Traders like various strategies or can be more comfortable with certain ones over others. I include multiple strategies both long and short so that you have several to apply to your own abilities and strengths. Long, short, morning trades and late-day trades, and more!

The Day Trading Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Purpose & Key Learnings

I introduce you to the course, the purpose, and some very important foundational key learnings you must know before taking on a career in trading.

  • Chapter 2: Market Terms & Level 2

I go over the basic and advanced terms you must know for day trading as well as how to read Level 2.

  • Chapter 3: Technical Analysis

You will get a solid understanding of stock supply and demand as well as how the markets work. I explain technical concepts and how to read charts and review important tips on how to analyze stock movement.

  • Chapter 4: Long Trade Setups

Here, I introduce you to all the long setups I trade and the patterns you can recognize that are “go-to” setups for high-risk/reward trades, such as ABCD and red/green. I review plenty of charts and analyze exactly where you enter & exit these types of trades.

  • Chapter 5: Short Trade Setups

In this chapter, I show you short selling – making money when stocks go down. You will be a more complete trader playing both sides of the market. I will show you how to short-sell and all the short setups I profit from daily.

  • Chapter 6: Brokers & Platform Live Demo

Having the right broker can really improve your trading. I will go over a few brokers that will allow you to day trade your strategies effectively.

  • Chapter 7: Trade Routine & Trader Mind

The more you become an active trader, the more a daily routine is a must to help your success. I will share my routine as well as important lessons I’ve learned over the past thirteen years about trading consistently for the long term.

  • Chapter 8: Sites and Scans

To wrap the course up, I cover the trading tools and websites that will help you on a daily basis. This includes charting and news sites, scanners, and more! I even show you a live scan and how I create my own watchlist.

Learn Visually

You can read a book on trading and it may help you learn some basics, but it will never really prepare you for real-world trading.

If you are going to be a day trader, you will need to analyze and look at charts when the market is moving.

Because of this, I have included dozens of charts and actual trade examples so you can be fully prepared to take control of your own trading journey.

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