Zero Distractions… Just Live Trade Alerts 🚨

The Alpha Membership includes everything you need to grow your knowledge and skills to develop into a consistent and successful trader, whether that’s part-time or full-time. Getting access to real-time live trade alerts is key to your learning.

When you become a member of Alpha you’ll get access to a live trade room where I post:

  • My exact trade plan on any given symbol
  • Trade size, entry & exit price levels (share size and cost basis updates)
  • What levels are key before and during the trade
  • Stop levels and when I’ve stopped out, sized out of my position, or close the position for a gain or loss
  • Alerts are one trade at a time for maximum focus
  • Both long and short trades
  • Only day trades
  • No options just listed stocks (no hard-to-borrow stocks)
  • Typically 1 – 2 trade alerts per session (first 1-2 hours of market open)

Here’s a snapshot from a recent trade so you see how the alerts are called out.

The above alerts grossed around $1280 with sizing ideal for an account just above the PDT rule.

Keep in mind you’re learning the what and the why so it’s key to watch the charts in real time, and also learn to make your own decisions.

My goal is to supplement your growth as a trader by showing you exactly what I do and how I do it.

This is how I’ve traded for the better part of the past decade. I’ve maintained the same discipline and consistency framework in my own trading and that’s what I put on display in real time, every day. No over-trading, just base hit after base hit of winners while keeping losses as small as possible.

I trade stocks, mainly NASDAQ and NYSE stocks. I rarely trade OTC and stocks that are hard to borrow (at my broker) and will not provide any alerts on those stocks. Depending on the broker, a stock that is easy to borrow for me and alerted may still end up being hard to borrow for someone else.

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