Watch these Live Trade Videos 👀

There is great value in seeing trades play out live and watching the entries/exits and how to manage the trade. Your learning style may lean more towards actually seeing the trades and if that is you, then you’ll really benefit from watching these trade videos.

This new addition to Alpha gives me an opportunity to record trades live and then provide an explanation for every action taken during the trade. You’ll learn from both winning and losing trades.

Knowing the trade thesis, setup and what to do, and how to think during a trade will add great value to your skills and growth. I am always adding videos to this section and it will continue to grow.

Here is an example video so you know what they are like 👍

The key takeaway on failed follow-through momentum is not to try and reverse your position so quickly, if at all. After all, it’s meant to be a short trade, see it through. You’ll see in the video above had I just stayed on the short side of the trade the range was perfect for a morning fade. Instead trying to reverse the trade can have you losing all your gains and more. Coming back from that and following the price action is key, or moving on. In this case, recognizing that there was more to the downside, you’ll see there is still the ability to come back but you have to remain proactive in that situation.

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