Scan for 6/2/21

Nothing much to speak of in the overall market to start the month. Lots of moves in the first hour but then things just seem to grind within a channel sideways. I don’t like sitting in a 2-hour bottom bounce for $1-2 so the key for me is to try and capture the biggest move early then walk

AMC continues in after-hours unless it parabolics to $50 + I won’t touch it short. Wish I could go long with these names but it’s just not my game plan. Stick to what I know.

PDD this popped dipped then ripped some more yesterday, key levels for me are always the prior high ($142) and any consolidation areas or support ($137, $134.50s) I always expect difficulties there, so if we clear $142 again I’d like for a $5-7 range before thinking any fade

ZM earnings beat and some target raises look for this to possibly continue above the after hours highs tomorrow ($340s) if it sells off early and stays heavy, no play, but if it dips, consolidates then curls to that area with volume, I would long for a move back to 200 MA ($347+)

SE offering some good range during the day which is what I like for these higher-priced names. If $254 holds got the room back to $262 but if market pulls could dip to $250 I will prepare for either play

Swing potentials

EVOK I like the chart setup here coming off the lows and 20 MA, end of day volume yesterday was interesting if it firms back up around 1.25 – 1.30 I would swing this for a move back over $2 in the next few weeks

YVR – The NFT names could be back on radar (DLPN, TKAT) I like this lower priced name if it firms over $2.50 in the next few days we could see $3+ with the “sector” play theme

On watch:

Intraday short play on any failed follow-through

Big picture long idea

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