Scan for 6/4/21

Goal is to finish the week strong. Solid start to the month of June so there is no need to go into a potential low volume Friday chasing. Jobs report will be out so we will see how the market reacts. Not looking to do too much for too long but we have some opportunities brewing

MRNA couldn’t get over that $200 area yesterday so if it pushes through today and consolidates over I could see it testing $205-210

DOCU lately earnings winners in tech are being sold off after the pops so with the 7%+ move AHs thinking DOCU retraces back to $200, or goes for the 200MA around $220 area. Cautious picking a side until after 10am

TIGR nice move last few days looking to see if it has early strong volume through 26 for another leg up, or if it gaps up then starts to stay heavy, can see $1-$2 fade opportunity

NCTY beat down chart, maybe we get the turn soon but will watch daily for a while could be potential short term swing

Fade plays

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