Scan for 6/9/21
NVDA and MRNA worked yesterday and sometimes I prefer to stick with what works for a few days because I get a better read on the key levels and the overall market before moving on..
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Scan for 6/8/21
Going to keep it short today, I only like a couple of names for some fades off the open. I think it is time to really simplify and go beginner mode..
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Scan for 6/7/21
Think today might be a consolidation day in the market so I am going to take it rather easily. Started into a couple of swings I will list below, and looking to add..
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Scan for 6/4/21
Goal is to finish the week strong. Solid start to the month of June so there is no need to go into a potential low volume Friday chasing. Jobs report will be out so we will see how the market reacts..
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Scan for 6/3/21
What an insane market we are in. AMC continues to defy gravity. Got a few good scalps in but then stayed away the rest of the day..
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Scan for 6/2/21
Nothing much to speak of in the overall market to start the month. Lots of moves in the first hour but then things just seem to grind ..
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Scan for 6/1/21
First day of June and S&P is nearing all-time highs .. again. Means need to reevaluate the long-term watchlist. I prefer to start each month off with a clean slate ..Read More →
Scan for 5/28/21
Alright last day of May, the goal is to finish stronger. It’s Friday leading into the 3 day Memorial Day weekend, so the volume could be lighter, expect early moves, and then flat rest of the day…
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Scan for 5/27/21
Another grind day. Clean fade trades for MRNA as long as quick with covers on the flush. Cruises are gearing ideally 1-2 days of gaps before fades…
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